Create Virtual Server (needed?)


I installed Virtualmin on a VPS and upload my files through FTP. My question is: Do I need to create a virtual server? It seems like my website is currently working (through the IP) without having to create a virtual server.


“Virtual server” is a pretty ambiguous concept. These things don’t really exist.

What does exist is a “virtualhost” section in your Apache configuration.

If you will have multiple websites on this VPS, then you will need “virtualhost” sections, for the 2nd, 3rd, …, websites. Or, to keep it simpler, each website will be in a virtualhost section, and there will be some default not in any virtualhost section that will give you a top-level page with nothing useful in it.

Virtualmin calls each of these virtualhost sections a virtual server. So you may need to add one or more of them, if you want multiple websites. Along with the virtualhost section, Virtualmin will also add mail aliases so mail sent to each website’s domain will be correctly delivered.

Where exactly did you upload the files to with out creating a TLD?

I uploaded the files to /var/www/html


It all depends on what your needs are.

However, it is possible to have a website without creating it through Virtualmin.

Our recommendation though is to use Virtualmin to create a Virtual Server on your system, and then install your website within it. That will allow Virtualmin to manage it, and the various features related to that domain.