I’m using Virtualmin GPL successfully for the past 2 years and have built up my beta testers for a new cloud company (with a special niche and competitive edge) I am starting and hopefully crowdfunding next year! This for me is going to be either a hit or miss business, either I make it BIG or I fail.

I am going to reach 800 virtual server customers pretty soon! Yup I’m using virtual servers as a cloud storage provider service to my customers and they love it. I have been using it with Ubuntu 12.04 and just recently upgraded to 14.04.2 with apache 2.4.7 with a few easy to fix problem! I upgrade every time and if there is a problem I have found a solution here.

I also use virtualmin for almost everything needed for my server and to setup my cloud accounts for my customers.

I will be upgrading to the PRO version very soon as soon as I reach 1000 customers. I have all the back ups in place for my customers and services, and I LOVE virtualmin. If it wasn’t for virtualmin I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I’m in the processes of finishing up my prototype for a new patent network hardware hacker proof device I’m designing to compliment my cloud company and network and hopefully sell it later on to others! I’m also going to donate or do business with the virtualmin team once I am rich enough to grab attention. Its coming. I feel it. :slight_smile:

So that being said, I’m on a ROLL! BUT


I have a problem!!!

When I create a new virtual server and I copy and paste the text from an email I sometimes get a hidden space character

For example if I copy and paste " user1" versus “user1” into the field [Domain name]

if I accidentally carry over a hidden character or space in front of the URL

when I visit the URL “

It comes up empty, doesn’t connect to the website, BUT when I enter “” it comes up BUT I DO NOT WANT www. in front of it.

Now if I copy the name “user1” without the space or I manually type it in the [Domain name] field, then when I enter it in my browser it comes up the way (the website script) I wanted it to come up, just using “

SO that being said, if I notice this problem, I thought I could just delete the virtual server and re-create it without the space in front of the user name, BUT when I do do that process, it doesn’t work, so then I’m stuck with creating a domain name with “user1a” or something like that.

Could anyone help me figure out how to get rid of the www. problem? Is this a bug or a config file I need to mod?

Thanks and when the time is right I will release my company name! :slight_smile:

First person to have my solution I’ll paypal $5.00 U.S. dollars to you!


Hmm, I’m not entirely certain I understand the problem you’re describing… are you saying that when these domains are being created, an extra space is being included that’s causing a problem?

Or are you saying that when browsing to them, if you add an empty space into the location bar, that you’re having a problem?


Yes the empty space in the create domain name before the actual name that you want causes me to have to type in

this happens when I copy and paste the requested domain name from an email or chat or when the customer asks me for that name

instead of

and then when I try to delete the domain and make sure I just type it in the user name with no spaces, it doesn’t work.


when I just type it in and create the name making sure it doesn’t have a space before it, it works okay the way I wanted it.

I’m pretty sure this is an error for all of virtualmin users

just take a look

type in a space before a sub domain you want to create but just directly from the “Create virtual server”

Another thing I do is I create a sub server using the “top-level” server form… I don’t use the parent option,

New virtual server type: Top-level server

that is what I use to create my sub-servers that way they can have their own password and stuff.

if I include the space before the name, and I try to type in

it won’t show up anything and won’t connect to my webserver

but when I tried

is shows the website ok but it forces me to type in the “www” part