Create SMTP Server for website hosted in other server

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Help me.
Suppose, I have a website “” in other server. I want to create mail server for this website in virtualmin with same domain so that I can get email ID with this domain.
like -

I tried with sub-domain “ .com” but I got emial ID .com. I do not have problem with sub-domain but I want email ID without sub-domain.

Please help me.

I would just create a domain not subdomain as long as “” is on a another server it won’t matter. Then point A record of to virtualmin server MX to
When you create the domain on virtualmin check the sugested dns records and copy the mail and mx records it shows plus the spf record.


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Sofar i know you can have on both the/a virtual server
The rest you have to set in the DSN records, and maybe local on the one that don’t used for website a kind of redirect, but dns with right settings for all should be enough though

Only the SSL you have to take care if using as mailmail, i do however use the hostname ssl for those kind of things for mailservice postfix dovecot! So mx point to the hostname.

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It is good. I tried but I am facing probelm with roundcube login. It’s link and it is redirecting on main website page. It must be roundcube page to login and test email.
How to solve it?

Hi Steve

It is good idea. But roundcube link is redirectiing to main website.
How to solve it?

Maybe use
You may have to look how the redirect is working and edit to suit.


No Benifits. comming virtuialmin home page.

Normally you can do every website on that vmin server / roundcube adress in browser with the right login crediantials.

So if the hostname is on :443 reachable you could use https://hostname/roundcube or other vserver on that box

If not roundcube wrong installed i think serverwide!

But i am not using roundcube on vmin while like usermin there more. :wink:

Why not point A record of to mailserver.
Second (mail) server install roundcude to root directory.

Never tried that but may work.