Create Slave DNS and Name server.. how to then create a user login for the system?

Hi There,

i would like to know if i create under Root in webmin a slave domain so that i can use this server as a second DNS server to my first server, if i then go in to virtualmin and create the virtual server with the same name as the domain name created in webmin so that i can administer DNS etc it says the domain is already used which is correct i under stand that, but what if i want to give another user access to this slave domain but with out giving them a root webmain account or any webmin account etc… not sure if this makes sence…

What exactly would you want that other user to be able to administer about that “slave DNS only” domain? There’s not exactly much to administer about that. :slight_smile:

Otherwise, there’s the “Slave DNS Domain” plugin that you can turn on under System Settings ->
Features and Plugins
. You can then create the domain in Virtualmin (do not create the zone in Webmin before) and turn on that feature.

i would like to create a slave zone for a zone that exsistists, have all the details replicated from the master to the zone, then in virtualmin create the domain so that the user can log in and see the replicated domain etc and make sure all is ok etc …

or for example i have 2 virtualmin servers and i have created a domain on ns1 as master and its replicated the domain details to ns 2 , if i want the user to be able to log on to ns2 and see the details there but with out creating the domain again on ns2 as it want let me how can i do this …

i have enabled replication of all domains created on NS1 to NS2 and all domains created on NS2 to NS1 so i have failover etc … but i would just like the user to have a log in for both servers toadmin and make sure that all is well etc …

Okay, in that case you might want to not create the domain in Virtualmin, but create a Webmin user which only has access to the BIND module, and there only to the zone in question.

Webmin users can be assigned very granular access rights, go try that out, you’ll be surprised. :slight_smile:

ok so i have created a user calls testdnsuser and only given the user access to servers > BIND DNS Server and logged in and can only see the BIND DNS Server etc… however this user can see all domains on the system how do i only allow this user access to for example??

When configuring the “Available Webmin modules” for the user, click on the module name. It’s a link that takes you to a details screen for the module. There you can choose which zones the user should see and what he can do with it.