Create server behind a Dynamic IP

I have DSL and my IP changes with every disconnection. As my external IP changes, I want the server to update everything automatically but I can’t find the information on how to do this anywhere. I’m running a pfSense router and it manages my IP updates to my domain using so that part is covered. I got Virtualmin running fine… I see that Virtualmin has an option for Dynamic IP Update however I don’t know how I can use it, I see it has an option for a script? I’m really wondering how I can make this work properly.

If your router is updating the domain ip when it changes… then you dont need to mess with any dynamic setup in virtualmin. Just forward the ports in the router that virtualmin uses from the wan to lan ip.

I would like to have the dns records automatically updated I guess is what I want. I have the ports forwarded, It can serve pages to the web just fine. But the config in virtualmin, for the server, it does not update, it uses the ip address from the initial setup, it will report an old external IP.

Don’t know if you can use dns on the box for that. ?!? .

If not You can use however external dns hosting provider search on the web for thos wo are support dynamic…