Create new site => Failed to write to .bash_logout when closing : Disk quota exceeded

Please kindly give your helping hand. Searched many articles without solution.

When create a new site in Virtualmin GPL. Error msg prompt:

Failed to write to /home/ when closing : Disk quota exceeded

  1. where is just a dummy domain, no matter what domain we create, all fail.
  2. the disk still got tons of the space.

Any ideas for this? Thank you very much.

It’s possible that they’re being created with too small a disk quota…

If you go into Edit Virtual Server, and look at Quotas and Limits, what quota were they setup with?

And then, what does it say for “Home disk space used”?


Hi andreychek,

Thanks for the reply but pity that it’s not the case. Here list the procedure to produce this error:

1 Login virtualmin with root

2 in Virtualmin > Create Virtual Server

3 In “New virtual server details” session, type Domain name, e.g.

4 In “Quotas and limits” session,
4.1 Total quota for entire server: 5Gb
4.2 Quota for server administrator: 5Gb
4.3 Bandwidth limit: Unlimited

5 Click create server

6 Error msg show as follow:

Setting Up Virtual Server
In domain
Creating administration group
… done

Creating administration user
… done

Creating aliases for administration user …
… done

Adding administration user to groups …
… done

Creating home directory …
Failed to create virtual server : Failed to write to /home/ /.bash_logout when closing : Disk quota exceeded
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p.s. this server is created on a 1T disk and there is still 70% free space.

Well, it’s not about disk size or free space… it sounds like a quota issue, though I’m not sure why ATM.

It sounds like it created the user for your Virtual Server – the username in the above case sounds like “”.

What do you see if you log in as root, and type:

quota -v


quota -g

That should show why the system thinks it’s low on quota space.


Hi Eric,

I think the same but I can tell quota command and log file did not show me any clue for it. Searched google for a month without any ans., so try to post a thread here.

Indeed this strange matter happened one day couples of weeks ago. And this strange things only happened on one of my server only (got 20 server all run in virtualmin gpl). So no doubt it is some config problems, but I cant date back what I have changed.

Finally solved, the quota script went error so cannot calculate the file usage correctly.

Questions closed. Thank you.