Create multiple ftp user : Batch create users.


I’ve got a problème when i try to create multiple ftp users.

I’ve got a file where there is :


I’ve got a database already created, which the name is blobblob.

when i try to create user with the files, it returns me :

Error on line 1 for blobblob : Database does not exist in this domain

I don’t understand, the database exist…

And another think, how i custom the home directory in the file ?


Well, it seems to think the database – even though it exists – isn’t associated with the domain you’re creating those users for.

If you go into Edit Databases, does the database you have created show up under that particular domain?



The database show up under my domain… if i don’t put the database in my file and after create my ftp account i can associate it with my account…

But anyway, i created my account differently, with the command line tools

virtualmin create-database
virtualmin create-user

And it’s work like that.