Create database user without delete permissions

OS type and version Ubuntu 20.04
Webmin version 2.111
Virtualmin version 7.10

I want to create a database user who has limited access to the actions it can do on the database. I don’t want this user to be able to execute delete sql commands.

If I go to “Edit Users” I can create a user and give access to the database but no mention of particular permissions. Is this possible?

When on the “Edit User” page for “MariaDB user details” you get to choose which permissions are valid for the user.

Be aware that there are lots of other things that are just as bad as the ability to issue "delete sql commands. (I would adopt the policy of start minimal and increase permission when user is promoted to a position of trust)

@stegan I cannot find this “MariaDB user details” can you send me a screen shot and some more precise location details?

Virtualmin → Edit Users →

Is this Pro feature?


No not a Pro feature - just a little deeper than usual

Virtualmin -> Edit Databases -> User Permissions Gives a list of MariaDB Users

Click on a user that takes you to:

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virtualmin -> Edit Databases -> User Permissions does not exist.

Virtualmin --> Edit Databases

what you are showing is webmin --> Servers --> MariaDB Database Server

But of a hair split, virtualmin domain owners should not have the abilities to change the permissions of database users, it should be a system admin (or staff), as changing these settings could contravene company policies

This feature has been in cpanel for years. The ability to have this or not should be configurable but there should be a choice by the admin if the virtual server owner gets this feature.

An example would be a demo site where you do not want any writes.

Just give that user access to the database module, and it will appear for them if that’s what you want to do

I use pro, I see the same as you.

Use webmin to get there directly

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