Create correct NamseServers without getting errors on registrar

I think its a simple question but maybe i dont understand. Im running my website on virtualmin, its working and everyting its fine. I wana host a friend site too and i wana create nameservers. The problem is , the nameservers wich i gave it to him seems cannot be used on registrar, get an error. When i installed the virtualmin on nameservers i put 2 dynamic dns wich i have from my provider. Seems godaddy let me to put that ddns on registrar, but on his registrar its not allowed to put right now i create on my domain side this A records A record =, A record = A record = For this ns , i need to create Namserver record too for each ns and point to my dns server? or its enough only A record. Second question, when i create my domain i let everything default and seems the SOA record cannot be changed. I need to delete the domain and change server template to can modify SOA? Im not expert on VirtualMin, sorry for my stupid questions. But i wana know how to create correct nameservers to dont get erros on registrat.
Btw i create and on virtualmin, not on godaddy because i have dynamic ip, and godaddy not allowed to put ddns , only ipv4 address.
I`m did something rong ? Thanks a lot

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