Create backups with another user than root

I have migrated from CentOS to Ubuntu and everything is ok now on my server.
The only small issue I have now is that, before, I used to connect directly as root on my server and was able to SFTP to my backups easily.
Now I’m connecting as ubuntu and sudo as root when I want to do something important. I think that’s better and it’s a better procedure than before. The problem is I can’t access to my backups created by Virtualmin min with SFTP as ubuntu because it’s root who creates them.
I can go on the server to get them but I would prefer having the ubuntu user to be able to browse through backups in SFTP.

What can I do to make ubuntu create the backups rather than root or to have a way to have all backups created accessible by ubuntu ? (a chmod to do after creation ?)

Just do create a cronjob which sets owner and group to your account/user which you use to get download them.
That’s how I did it for some cases like this.

Thanks for your answer
Yes I will do that, just wondered if there was an easiest way in the backup configuration