create an Install Script for Redmine Project Management script

Hello, I am seeking for a webmin/virtualm developer who has already worked with virtualmin to create a script instal for from our virtualmin third party instal script.

Please send me your price for this task,
regards, Heather

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You couldn’t make 1 post for everything ? Very annoying.

If you this bothers you why the hell are you wasting your time reading and replying with coments???
Just spend your time reading something else then, this forum is not a kinder garden,
if this gets on your nerves just go back watch some cartoons!
Nobody has ever asked your mind.

Oh you must be a newbie to forums so I’ll educate you.

First many of us subscribe to this section and regardless to what you wrote we get every post made so we can respond if we want or need to.

Second You asked everyone, as you put it their mind, which I replied to. I was even civil about it and tried to enlighten you but you can’t even take constructive criticism. So I doubt anyone will help you seeing you have a touchy personality, although mine isn’t much better but I have learnt not to be that way here.

Third it’s just common sense to make 1 post for everything a person needs especially when it’s all in the same section of the forum.

So do you bother me ?? Yes and no… your need for help doesn’t bother me but the way you went about it here does.

Have a better weekend.

Don’t you think all job post in one single post would confuse the user???
Each job post makes it more clear to me as the instal script is meant for some different other kind of programming languages apps,
have a great day.

Nope… just list each item you need and see who bites for all or some. Most of us here that code know all the major languages so listing in 1 post works for 99% of us.

BTW why do you need a module for all these obscure web server’s ?

Cause those obsucure webservers are meant for high load traffic sites!
Apache does not support all that load and crashes compare to those servers you meant,
regards, Heather

These posts are fine. No need to combine them all into one. They are each individual projects with individual budgets it sounds like, so I see no reason not to post them all separately.

We are always happy to see new job postings here. Scott, don’t chase off people with Virtualmin projects. We all want more Virtualmin jobs and more Virtualmin modules.