Create a virtual server for your main server, which will host the control panel

I came across Virtualim for the first time today and have great interest.

Well we as a team have the question if the infrastructure with Virtualvim is possible as we imagine.

The plan is that we have a server where the panel runs on it, where we can also manage everything and create servers.

Here we come to the problem, we would like to have a separate virtual server for each server, let’s put it this way:

→ Main server + which has the panel and we can set everything with it.
→ Server 1 (one instance of WordPress)
→ Server 2 (one instance of PHP)

Important is, that we dont want to create a virtual server on the main server who runs the panel! Only on the second servers

I would like to have the whole differentiated, how to do this does anyone have ideas and know more?

OS type and version Debian Linux 10 e.g. (Linux 4.19.0-25-arm64 on aarch64)
Virtualmin version 7.8.2

You have it already.
Main server → login to :10000 as root
VS1 → login to :10000 as the user/owner of VS1
VS2 → login to :10000 as the user/owner of VS2

The main user (root) controls the access of each user (VS)
VS1 etc are customers/resellers

PS doesn’t even have to be ‘root’ for the main user control panel.

So…I’m not sure what you’re asking. It sounds like maybe you’re talking about managing VMs (virtual machines), which Virtualmin doesn’t do (Cloudmin does).

But, if you mean Apache or nginx virtual hosts (and virtual mail in Postfix, etc.) all domain-based services, then Virtualmin does that. But, if that’s what you mean, I don’t understand the distinction you’re trying to make about this:

Virtualmin runs on the same system on which it manages websites (and mail, etc.). You wouldn’t have a “main” server.

Cloudmin on the other hand, does run on just one server and can manage any number of additional servers. But, it doesn’t know anything about websites. It manages VMs and the host systems on which those VMs run. You’d probably still want to configure websites using Virtualmin on those systems, but you’d have Virtualmin on each system in such a case (and Cloudmin integrates with Virtualmin and allows you to do high-level management of domains on the Virtualmin systems).

But, if you just want a system with several websites on it (isolated from each other using regular filesystem permissions and running each site under its own user account or optionally using chroot jails to make it feel a bit more isolated), then Virtualmin does that. It’s a shared hosting management system. It does not manage virtual machines; it knows nothing about virtual machines. (Again, Cloudmin is our virtual machine management tool, though it’s a bit rough around the edges at the moment as the installer hasn’t been updated for new distros in a long while.)

Get an account with AWS. They rent instances by the minute. Other than that, Virtualmin is free to use so your best bet is to install it and try it out to see what it does. You can do a virtual machine but you really need a domain name that you can reach from the internet to do a real install.

I got a domain name just to use as the anchor account on Virtualmin. Think of it as an administrative account. I simply stuck ‘admin’ on back of another domain I had and used that.

Can you build with cloudmin that you then have a main server and eg 2 sub-servers? where you then have the websites etc. on the 2 sub-servers, which are not all on one server?

When you say “sub-servers” do you mean virtual machines (or physical machines)? Or do you mean Apache virtual hosts? (Virtualmin uses the term “virtual server” to refer to an account that includes a user, a VirtualHost, virtual maps entries in Postfix, a DNS zone, etc., and the term “sub-server” to refer to a virtual server owned by an existing virtual server user, so I’m not sure we’re talking about the same thing.)

In short: If you need to manage virtual machines, Cloudmin is the tool for that.

If you need to manage websites, Virtualmin is the tool for that.

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Sure but can we do this e.g. on small purchased v-server? Like if we use Cloudmin, that we then have individual small v-server where we put the websites etc.?

No. Cloudmin is for managing virtual machines, it is not for managing websites.

Virtualmin is for managing websites.

I think you should just install Virtualmin and poke around a little bit, create your domains (called “virtual servers” in Virtualmin, though that’s not the same as virtual machines, like KVM or Xen or LXC, etc.). If you want to manage websites and delegate management of websites to others, etc. then you want Virtualmin. Just install it and try it. Ask for help when you run into problems.

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