Create a public-facing Service Status Page

Hi everyone,

This is my first post. I have read a lot on here and in the docs and other sites about Virtualmin and Webmin and Usermin and am about ready to transfer over my websites from a shared host to my newly configured VPS.

I am not sure if this should go in this particular forum or not, but was curious… since Virtualmin/Webmin monitor the status of services such as Mail, DNS, Apache, etc… is it possible to create a public-facing (anonymous access) web page that displays the same statuses that Virtualmin/Webmin display to a logged-in admin?

I’d love to have a status page on my company website but am not sure if I need to use other products for that or if I can simply create a basic webpage that gathers data from Virtualmin/Webmin to show whether a service is up or down.

Your thoughts, input, advice, and suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much.


That’s an interesting question, and I’ll talk to Jamie about that.

That status information is part of the Webmin monitoring. It’s not currently available via the command line tools, which can be accessed by running the “virtualmin” command.

I’ll run that by Jamie though to see if maybe we could make the status monitoring available from the command line, as that sounds pretty useful :slight_smile:

However, it won’t work now, so in the meantime you’d need to use a different tool to accomplish that.


Thank you Eric for the quick reply and detailed response. I look forward to seeing that as an available function in the near future.

I’ll look at other solutions for that functionality for now then. If anybody has any suggestions on that, please feel free to contribute. :slight_smile:

id reccomend two ways to do this, depending on what you are comfortable with doing.

way way might be to simply ping or open connections to each software using a cron job, or PHP script. dump the information on each services status into a file. and than just read that using a public facing cgi script. render. complete.

another thing though is that, webmin/virtualmin has a fairly full features API and now even a xml-rpc interface. so in theory, if the existing virtualmin module for service statuses contains what you need… you might just be able to query the virtualmin server, securely, using the built in api or rpc interface.

what ever way you choose, it shouldent matter. this shouldent be overly difficult to implement.

however, the cheapest, or dirtiest solution that will get you what you want may very well just pinging these services via a PHP script or whatnot. since the script will be running from the local machine, it should be able to evade intrusion detection software, connect on what ever interface you need, and play by what ever rules you decide.

good luck

p.s. this should be something that COMES with virtualmin. maybe somebody will be nice enough to make a little module some day :slight_smile:

That’s great input. I didn’t see a response and was just looking at old forum topics I submitted in the past years and saw this now. Thank you so much for your thoughts and suggestions. Agreed, it’d be great if it was included out-of-the-box, seems like a logical next step for that module. But I wasn’t aware of the XML-RPC and API for possibly gathering that data, so I will see if I can get that out of there through the APIs. Great idea! :slight_smile: