Create a ftp account without virtual server ?


i have Virtualmin with several virtual servers but i would like to add a ftp account on the server which would lead to a specific /home/myftpdir directory … is it possible ? or should i really need to use a virtual server and a subdirectory ?


Virtualmin itself is designed to put everything within a Virtual Server.

If you’d like an FTP user not part of a Virtual Server – you can do that, you’d just need to create it outside of Virtualmin.

You can do that by creating a user within Webmin -> System -> Users and Groups, and click “Create a new user”.


Thanks Eric,
that’s exactly what i wanted

Virtualmin and Webmin are really incredible tools !

Hey Eric,

I am trying the same thing… a Xen VM with vmin installed just for a FTP server. I dont need anything but to be able to back other vmin boxes up to it via auto FTP… (to act as the central ftp repo)

I added a user through webmin but all i ever get is “530 Login incorrect”
I do have the correct creds so is there something else i should look at to get this working?
Thanks a lot…

@kappler: You don’t need Virtualmin if you intend to just have a few FTP accounts on the box. Virtualmin is total overkill for that, since it is meant to automate the process of setting up complete web hosting instances (Apache, BIND, MySQL, Mail, PHP, the whole smash).

For just FTP, you can use Webmin’s modules to create users and configure ProFTPD.

As for the error you’re seeing: take a peek at /var/log/proftpd/* and see if any helpful messages get logged there.