Create a dedicated server

hello please is there a way I can create a dedicated server at home without a fixed IP address

Search the forum, seen discussion about it.

the DynDNS service

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Yes, dynamic DNS is the ancient way of doing it and it still works. If you want something newer and better, look at Cloudflare Tunnels.

Merci boucoup

Cloudflare Tunnel

Protect your web servers from direct attacks As soon as an application is deployed, developers and IT professionals spend time locking it down: setting ACLs, rotating IP addresses, and using unintuitive solutions like GRE tunnels. A simpler and more secure way to protect your applications and web servers from direct attacks is with Cloudflare Tunnel. Ensure your server is secure no matter where it’s located: public cloud, private cloud, Kubernetes cluster, or even a Mac mini sitting under your TV.

I wouldn’t recommend it for anything other than development.

That’s the one @Alaaeddine.benabid.

  1. Configure one of your domains to work with Cloudflare
  2. set up a tunnel for a subdomain under that domain
  3. run the script on your Virtualmin server
  4. create a top level virtual server for the subdomain and disable sll for it

The subdomain will be accessible from the rest of the internet and you can enjoy all the security and speed benefits that Cloudflare offers.

I see.

I have been using it in production. I guess I better stop. Thanks for the heads up, Joe.

@Alaaeddine.benabid kindly disregard my messages about Cloudflare Tunnels.

I mean, it’s up to you. It’s just going to be fragile.

the idea is that with us the ip address is with 20 usd after the internet costs for example the FIBER 100M with 60 usd then the link only with its acoutras 80 usd per month for that I asked if there is a solution and for the resellers of the vps the cheapest is contabo it falls empane boux of the time and the problem of limit of the port 25

We’ve covered that problem in great detail in your other posts. There are providers that will open port 25…but they’ll block it again, and maybe permanently, if you’re sending spam.

Your ISP is going to block port 25, too. And, if they do open it, and you send a bunch of spam, they’ll block it again, maybe permanently.

No provider is going to let you send spam (whether you’re sending it intentionally, one of your users is sending it intentionally, or because you can’t or won’t fix your apps that are allowing others to send spam). If you send spam, any reputable network provider will shut down port 25, and maybe ban your account.

can the ISP also block port 25 for me, does he have the right to do that even if I pay a package?

Yes he can.

It will be in tetms and conditions

Of course. Most ISPs block port 25 by default, and many will not unblock it. Hosting providers, on the other hand, usually allow you to request it be unblocked, as long as you aren’t sending spam.

If you stop sending spam, most hosting providers will work fine. Most ISPs will not, without paying for a much more expensive business plan. Hosting on broadband in your house or small business is likely to be much more challenging than hosting at a hosting provider or colo facility. But, nobody is going to let you send spam. You have to deal with criminal providers in loosely regulated countries, or expect to switch hosting providers regularly, if you want to send spam. It’s just not a thing you’re going to find easy or cheap (and it shouldn’t be…sending spam should get you blocked, as it’s hurting everyone else, including your provider).

The reasonable solution to your port 25 problem is to stop sending spam (or allowing your server to be used for sending spam). It is not to find someone who will ignore the spam.

It’s not me, I have a server where I create accounts for my clients but I don’t know how anyone can access and send emails from the server, even if I block the address that is displayed on the landline or delete it altogether, it retains access. Is there a way to stop this hacking once and for all?

You have been given plenty of advice in the past, if you have followed everything that has been suggested to you, your server should be clean. That leaves your clients or software they have installed maybe it’s time to do a review of your clients software ? On the other hand if you have not followed the advice given here your problem may still be a compromised server

In php, disable mail() using disable_functions.

This will prevent websites from sending mail without using a real email account.

This might not fix your issue but you should look at it.

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please how to do this i want to try this method

Yes. It’s so simple:

  1. Use Virtualmin with default settings (unless you truly understand the full implications of the changes that you make),
  2. use fail2ban with the default settings that Virtualmin applies
  3. enable mail rate limits in Virtualmin

If you can do these things on a fresh install of Virtualmin, your server will be as secure as any of mine.

And do this too, considering your history:

for fil2ban you need a special configuration because I have already tried it but I still encounter this problem can someone send emails even if I delete or suspend this box.