Create a database user for a sub-domain

Hi Community!

The title is self-explanatory: I want to create a database user, granting him all permissions, on a specific sub-domain. What’s the canonical way to do that?

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edit virtual server/subserver , make sure mysql database is enabled, and then normally as with regular domain, edit database / user to create what you want.

Thanks @dimitrist, but when I select “Edit database”, Virtualmin displays one single database as expected. I can’t find any “assisted” way to create a user, but run an SQL command on the database: is this what you mean?

Thanks again for your help!

edit users -> add user -> give user privileges to the db you want…

Hi @dimitrist!

Sorry to bother you with dummy questions, but I just can’t find my way to database user management functions… :flushed:

When you write “edit users -> add user -> give user privileges to the db you want”, where could I find this function: Webmin? Virtualmin? I’ve wandered around in all menus and just couldn’t find any function that would allow me to edit user privileges as simply as you describe.

What I’ve tried:

I’m surely missing something here but where?

Thanks again for your help!

Hi there!

Can anyone please help on this issue? I’m totally stuck as I just cannot create the user with proper permissions… :cry:

Thanks in advance for your attention!

“user has access to”, is the same as giving privileges to that db…
sorry, but can’t help more, cause i don’t usually use this method. prefer to work directly on mysql…

Thanks @dimitrist for the feedback!

Is there anybody here who could help on this topic? I don’t understand how I can modify a database user’s privileges using the GUI…

Thanks in advance for any help!

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