cPanel Theme for VirtualMin, WebMin


I have installed VirtualMin and see it is very powerdul!
The just thing is missing on virtualmin and webmin, is an attractive theme such as cPanel theme.
Just see :

I suggest make the the Webmin looks like the cPanel Domains owner theme, and VirtualMin look like cPanel WHM Theme.
It would be very very nice !


This depends, I happen to find cPanel to colorful and to messy to find things, its to flashy and gets boring after a while. You will know this if you log in every day and look for doing tasks, in particular the new WHM interface is just…well so complicated for simple tasks.

If you just want to look at it, sure, its nice. But a GUI should be practical. Simple is always better. And administrators need tools, not fancy stuff graphics and ajax stuff that breaks all the time.

Of course nothing stops you from creating your own theme, just like cPanel if you want and using it on Virtualmin or pay a web designer to do own if you want.