Cpanel Migration


My current host has two VPS running WHM for me:

Server 1: Running WHM and handles all websites
Server 2: Running WHM and only handles email

I’d like to know if I can bring both of those servers over to a new server running virtualmin (and merge them together if at all possible - it’s a pain having both running but I could live with it).

I could probably handle copying it over bit by bit but it’d be awesome if someone just replied and said “Yes, Virtualmin has a migrate Cpanel option that works wonderfully”. I have searched and most of the threads seem to be from around 2005 - 2009.

I’m not opposed to paying for Virtualmin Pro if that’s what’s needed but please, help a guy out :slight_smile:



Yup, Virtualmin has a migrate option that works wonderfully :slight_smile:

You can access it in Add Servers -> Migrate Virtual Server.

What you would do is generate backups of your domains, copy those to your Virtualmin server, and then import them.

It should be no problem to import domains from both of your servers onto a single server.

Let us know if you have any questions regarding that process :slight_smile:


Resurrecting this a little - first off, I <3 Virtualmin. It’s like I’ve been missing a chunk of my life and have come across the thing that fills the hole. It’s truly brilliant.

The migration of one or two test domains went perfectly - but how would I combine the two servers as above?

Before I give hints and you meant something completely else: Can you elaborate what exactly you mean by “merging” or “combining” the servers?

By the way, I totally second that “<3”. :wink:

My current scenario is:

Server 1: DNS, MySQL, Apache - all website contents etc for all domains
Server 2: Email for all domains

They’re both running on WHM/Cpanel and each server has the same domains/accounts/users

I’ve now started setting up the Vmin server and of course, it went perfectly. What I’d like to achieve is one of two scenarios:

  1. Transfer all domains from Server1 & Server2 and merge into one, keeping emails that are stored currently
  2. Transfer all domains from Server1 & Server2 and merge into one, bugger the emails.

Okay. Well I personally never used the migration options of Virtualmin, but I know that with backups, you can take and restore those for specific features only. So provided migration works similarly, or can be turned into backups, you could restore the domain with all its stuff (except email) from server 1, and then restore emails into the existing domains using backups from server 2.

Eric or Jamie can certainly say more and whether this will work. :slight_smile:


Hmm, that’s an interesting scenario…

It sounds like you’re saying the only difference between Server A and B is that server B contains emails.

Otherwise, all the users are the same.

Does that sound about right?

An issue you’ll probably run into is that I don’t think it’ll allow you to import both of those servers.

Once you import one of them, I believe attempting the other would have it throw an error about it already hosting that domain.

Knowing that – what you could always try is to import Server A, enable the Mail for Domain feature in Edit Virtual Server -> Enabled Features – then use something like imapsync in order to pull in all the email from Server B.