CPanel Migration - Sub Domains Not Working

I’m new to Virtualmin and I’ve tried to migrate a bunch of sites using CPanel backups. Most of the primary domains have transferred over without a hitch - but none of my subdomains are working.
I understand that Virtualmin uses sub servers so I tried converting one of the problem sub domains to a sub server (was this the right thing to do?) - but that didn’t work.

I’m just getting server 500 errors if I try to access any of the sub domains in a browser.
Any suggestions or pointers toward something useful would be greatly appreciated.

Operating system CentOS Linux 6.5


Hmm, when you receive those 500 errors, what message appears in the Apache logs for that sub domain?

The Apache logs are typically in $HOME/logs/error_log (or in the case of a Sub-Server, $HOME/domain/DOMAINNAME/logs/error_log).