cpanel migrate virtual server


I have been using cpanel for the past several years and recently I switched to virtualmin due to the flexibility and light weight. I have lots websites hosted under whm/cpanel and I am in the process of migrating them in to virtualmin. I am using the virtualmin ‘Migrate Virtual Server’ feature to migrate my cpanel accounts in to virtualmin (SSH Server option with cpanel backup). So everything works fine without any issues except for some strange folder under all ‘virtual server’ public_html directory


Are these folders needed? is it safer to delete them?

Any help greatly appreciated!


Glad to hear things are working well!

Just to verify – did that Maildir folder exist on your other server?

Also, is anything in either of those folders? That is, do you see any email accruing in the Maildir folder?

Virtualmin may think that you have a user with that directory as it’s homedir… before we delete those, we’d want to make sure they aren’t actually being used.