Cpanel Migrate... Database connection problem

I am testing Virtualmin to use at my office as a failover for my commercial host. I have numerous Joomla sites that I want to be able to "Migrate" into my shiny new Debian Based Virtualmin server.

All seems fine…

I Migrated the first site, and it appeared to go well, except Joomla can’t connect to the database. I am very familiar with how it all needs to work, and have modified the configuration.php (even though I thought I wouldn’t need to) to match the db settings. I have checked and triple checked, but can’t see what is going wrong.

Joomla is complaining the it can’t connect to the db… NOT that it can’t see the db.

Is there anyone who has maybe had similar problems with Mirgrating from Cpanel.

Oh and by the way… I’m already in love with Virtualmin, I used to use ISPCONFIG, and can’t believe I wasted my time.


Things to check…

IP allowed to connect is usually localhost and not a real IP