Couldn't receive mail

I use virtualmin (GPL : Free version). I install Postfix and Squirrelmail. I can use Squirrelmail to send e-mail of virtual domain to other address but I couldn’t receive e-mail from outside. Please help to tell me how can I do it?. I may missed to setup somethings.

Hi Surachat,

There’s too many possible answers to this question. You’re gonna have to help us narrow down what the trouble is.

When you try to send mail to the server, what appears in the /var/log/maillog? Does the mail bounce? With what error?

If mail seems to be delivered, based on what you see in the log, then you may just not be able to pick it up. Is dovecot (or some other IMAP/POP3) configured and running? Is Squirrelmail configured correctly for picking up the mail? Again, what’s in the maillog?

Are you sure you configured the virtual domain maps file in Postfix correctly? (This is the "hash:/etc/postfix/virtual" configuration step, in the Virtualmin GPL installation documentation.)

Once we have something more to work on, we can probably be more helpful.