Could use some help with Wordpress and Virtualmin

Hey everyone!

I have recently started using Digital Ocean combined with Virtual Min, it seems like a good set up for Wordpress websites.

However, I have set up my wordpress websites fine and things seem to be good I can login and edit my pages with wp-admin and I can search my domain and have it come up.

So I have 2 main questions:

1.) Lets Encrypt won’t work for these domains that I’ve set up, I get a long error code. I only grab the one domain address not the mail address. Any tips here?

2.) This is the bigger issue. I am trying to use plugins and they are all buggy. Saying there has been a crucial error with your site and info has been e-mailed to you. I renamed my plugins folder in my file management system and reloaded the page and that fixed that issue for the time being but I still cant upload plugins properly. There’s no demo content available and its just uploading bare bones here. When I try to install that demo plugin it crashes the site.

Any ideas on these subjects? Took me a while to get this going with Digital Ocean and I feel like I’m so close to having this work properly.

Would love some help if possible.


Hello @dobs93 and welcome to the community.

In Virtualmin -> Server Configuration -> SSL Certificate Let’s Encrypt tab, you can request a certificate for only the domains which actually exist (and not the ‘mail address’) by enabling the radio button next to ‘Domain names listed here’ and then listing those domains in the box.

Virtualmin -> Logs & Reports -> Apache Error Log will show you the error log for the web server. If you post the relevant lines from this, there are many in the community who could help you diagnose and fix the error(s) so that your website works normally again.

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What wordpress plugin is causing the problem ?

Also, only rename the plugin folder for the plugin that is causing trouble…not wp-plugins.

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I cannot post the error messages because I can only post 2 links because I’m a new user.

Save the error messages to a public/virtualmin/ folder in google drive and share a link to that folder on this forum. That is a work around .

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