Could someone please explain why not even PRO accounts can backup with PCloud?

Could someone please explain why not even PRO accounts can backup with PCloud?

probably because the devs have never heard of and/or do not support it…

Why should they explain why?

Have no idea what pccloud is, possibly not good enough to work on Linux pc or laptops or perhaps no one knows about it… or SSH onervers… perhaps another proprietary junk…who knows. I’m happy with SSH backups anywhere.

PCloud isn’t a true “cloud” service per se. It’s made more for desktop (Windows, Mac, Linux Desktop) and social media backups, not pure server backups. As such, it’s overall options are extremely limited. It’s more of a “point and click” backup service than anything else.

You’d be far better served getting a cloud service from Google or Amazon.

Hey Folks,

Okay, some of you got it right sorta… But there is a lot to be desired in this thread.

Anyways, as a pCloud user myself (I ditched the others for it – that’s how much I like it)…

pCloud is a decent option, has an API and probably could be implemented in a similar manner other cloud providers are implemented.

However, for the sake of the original posters curiousity, @RobertZamors56 the answer that probably should have been given from the start is…

It’s likely not popular enough amongst Virtualmin users, the devs haven’t heard of it, or as someone who contributes great ideas to the team… Great idea, let’s see if it can be implemented.

Bottom line, Virtualmin has so much going on, not all good ideas are either good for Virtualmin, or simply haven’t yet been thought of… That’s why we have a community to contribute great ideas and then we see many of the implemented if time permits and the idea meets the needs of enough people to warrant the development.

Oh and @RobertZamors56, there are tons of features and backup providers that haven’t been implemented, doesn’t mean they can’t or won’t eventually. Thanks for your suggestion!

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I stand corrected.

It maybe great, I rather he requested its implementation to the pro version not demanding a reason its not there in the first place.


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