Could not find [mysqld] section in my.cnf

Hello, I’ve just reinstalled Virtualmin GPL on a VPS (fresh Ubuntu 18.04 server install, VPS has 2GB RAM, 2 core, 40GB HDD).

All seems fine except when I go to ‘Webmin> Servers>MySQL Database Server>MySQL Server Configuration’, when instead of a configuration screen I see only a one line message “Could not find [mysqld] section in my.cnf”. As far as I can see the system is managing databases fine in all other respects.

Any ideas?

Many thanks

In the same window where you get the message.

Running CentOS 7

Thanks for your help. That seems to configure the webmin module rather than the database server itself. Being new at all this perhaps I am missing something obvious. Is there a setting there I should be checking?

Go to Software Package Update tick on the Installed tab and search mysql, and look where these files are stored.

Hi, I tracked down the configuration file to /etc/mysql/mysql.conf.d/mysqld.cnf

Pasting that path into the relevant box in the database server module configuration (Webmin> Servers>MySQL Database Server> then the configuration cog top left of screen, then expand the ‘system configuration’ section and the relevant box is right at the bottom) seems to have cured the issue.

Many thanks for pointing me the right way, and so promptly.

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