Correction: Virtualmin 7.5 runs well on Debian 9

OS type and version Debian 9
Webmin version 2.013
Virtualmin version 7.5
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Hi there.

Just a heads up to anyone still running Debian 9

I have just updated a server running Debian 9 from Virtualmin 7.3 to 7.5

The server was running perfectly before update and is now failing every 15 / 30 minutes loosing network connectivity and needing a reboot.


Considering Debian 9 has been EOL since last summer you really shouldn’t run it any longer and should upgrade to at least Debian 10.

As for the failures itself, what does the logs say?


I have not found anything in the logs yet

I was logged in the terminal during one of the bouts before the box died and received this message

-bash: fork: Cannot allocate memory

This serer was rock solid before update .

I do not see any processes using excessive resources

Any advice would be appreciated

After spending 20 minutes watching top - I discovered a process called started using masses of memory and than was overtake by a process called kswapd0 - which I found out is a system process trying to free up resources for the process. Between the two of them they quickly crashed by box. is Usermin process - I installed a cert yesterday after Lets Encrypt failed ( this was also why I updated my box) I saw the virtual server’s main account had 300k emails and as their was no empty folder option I enabled auto clean and gave it no more thought.

My server was crashing every time the cron ran trying to empty this mail box…

The lesson I have learnt today is:

Don’t make a cup of tea until the kettle has boiled …


Don’t try and fix a problem until you know what it is…

Sorry Virtualmin

Please accept my apology for jumping to the conclusion that the Update caused my issue.

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Glad you got things sorted :slight_smile:
You should still really see about that dist upgrade though as running an EOL distro open on the internet is risky business.

That’s a lot of email.

I disabled a service some years back and forgot to stop a few crons running every 5 minutes that and a lot of postmaster@ stuff …

Anyway inbox is now clear and server running sweetly again…

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