Copy SSL Certificate to Services - Service webmin is not installed

OS type and version Ubuntu 20.04.4
Virtualmin version 6.17-3

Hi there,

I have a let’s encrypt certificate and I’m trying to use the option “Copy SSL Certificate to Services” under the Virtual Host > Server Configuration > SSL Certificate.

When I click “Copy SSL Certificate to Services”, it just says ERROR " Failed to save service certificates : Service webmin is not installed"

Webmin is installed and works fine as it should alongside virtualmin. I verified it’s running via sudo service webmin status and it’s running fine. I also tried restarting the webmin service and trying this action again but get the same error.

Why am I getting this error? I am trying to apply my certificate to Dovecot/Postfix and can’t do so with this error.


Nobody has any ideas?

I experienced a similar issue after the update. I’d recommend downgrading the Virtualmin version, it will solve the problem.

@kylegp In fact we expect this issue to be fixed with Webmin 1.991 and Virtualmin 7. Please try upgrading to the latest packages and see if that works for you.