Copy SSL Certificate to Services - Service webmin is not installed

OS type and version Ubuntu 20.04.4
Virtualmin version 6.17-3

Hi there,

I have a let’s encrypt certificate and I’m trying to use the option “Copy SSL Certificate to Services” under the Virtual Host > Server Configuration > SSL Certificate.

When I click “Copy SSL Certificate to Services”, it just says ERROR " Failed to save service certificates : Service webmin is not installed"

Webmin is installed and works fine as it should alongside virtualmin. I verified it’s running via sudo service webmin status and it’s running fine. I also tried restarting the webmin service and trying this action again but get the same error.

Why am I getting this error? I am trying to apply my certificate to Dovecot/Postfix and can’t do so with this error.


Nobody has any ideas?

I experienced a similar issue after the update. I’d recommend downgrading the Virtualmin version, it will solve the problem.

@kylegp In fact we expect this issue to be fixed with Webmin 1.991 and Virtualmin 7. Please try upgrading to the latest packages and see if that works for you.

If you encounter this issue with newest versions of webmin / virtualmin, go to webmin configuration /webmin/edit_ssl.cgi and enable ssl first.

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