Copy cert to Postfix button disappears after copying to Dovecot

In Server Configuration > SSL Certificate > Service Certificates, if I click the Copy to Dovecot button before the Copy to Postfix button, the Copy to Postfix button disappears. On the server where I have done that, I can manually copy the certificate by looking at the commands that were logged on another server where I clicked Copy to Postfix first, but if I do this, what will happen when the certificate is renewed? Will Virtualmin know to copy it to Postfix if I didn’t do it the first time with the button?


This shouldn’t be an issue in the latest Virtualmin 6.11. What version do you have installed there?

I am on 6.11. The day it happened was Aug. 4, and I had just freshly installed whatever version the Virtualmin install script downloaded that day. Was that 6.11, or was there an update in the past few days I might have installed?

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