converting XEN gues to KVM, on CentOS 6


I see that CentOS 6 doesn’t include XEN kernel anymore since they’re moving to KVM full time now. Maybe Redhat will re-add it if there’s enough demand?

The following articles talk about converting XEN guests to KVM guests:

As matter of interest, will CloudMin have an easy to migrate XEN guests to KVM guests?
And, is it possible to run both XEN & KVM on the same server, so that I can see how they perform?


For converting Xen to Kvm you can use virt-v2v which RedHat provides:

I sense a rush to use EL6 :slight_smile:
Don’t forget EL5 will be supported for yet another good while, no need to rush.

I don’t think even very expensive enterprise solutions will do this for you so imho Jamie & Joe shouldn’t even bother with this.

Secondly, you cannot run Xen and KVM on the same server at the same time.