convert user name schema

hi, i imported a few ensim backups and would like to convert the usernames (‘user@domain’) to the cleaner ‘user.domain’ name schema… new users created under the virtual server follow the ‘user.domain’ but existing ones are kept as is… would it work to simply rename the raw usernames from e.g. to max.example (and delete the user) or will that confuse virtualmin/postfix/dovecot?

Hrm, I’d be a little leary about doing that.

I’m poking through the docs and API to see if I can come up with a decent way to accomplish it, but I’d be concerned that any reference in there now to a particular username would break if you renamed the raw usernames.


yeh that’s what i was afraid of… it would probably have to be a mix of renaming the username as well as updating a reference in virtualmin… after all it can somehow distinguish nameschemas on an individual username basis rather than just per virtual server… keep me posted…

Well, the big things I’d be worried about are the references made to the user within Postfix.

That is, /etc/postfix/virtual and /etc/aliases.

Aside from that, if you keep the home directory the same, I can’t think of much off the top of my head that would be affected (of course, I’m bound to be forgetting something, but hopefully the above is a start).