Convert multiple apache wordpress websites to nginx with minimal downtime

OS type and version: Centos 8.4.2105
Webmin version: 1.973
Virtualmin version: 6.16
VPS configuration: Digital Ocean droplet 2vcpu 4gb ram
PHP version: 7.4 using FPM

Hi, I have many apache websites for wordpress. Is there a script to convert those apache websites to nginx with wordpress directives to reduce downtime for converting it?

I really doubt that you’ll find a script that will do that on autopilot.

Especially with all the rules that WP plugins can put in .htaccess. Things can get pretty dirty.

This type of conversion usually includes new server setup that you have.

So process would be as follows:

  • Move website to new destination (new server setup)
  • Create Nginx rules that are needed for website to function properly
  • Test your website on new server IP by using your local hosts file and make sure everything is working
  • Change DNS values to point to new server

So there will be no downtime at all.

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