Console as VirtualHost

I’ll post here as a new topic as neither “console vhost” nor “console virtualhost” searches on the forums get anything useful, and as I would like to configure something that goes under Virtualmin AND Cloudmin AND Webmin AND Usermin, so, let “General Discussion” be then.

Basically and with as few words as possible:
Is it possible to configure say “” to automatically display Web/Virtual/Cloud/User (min) consoles, without “:1000” port, when say “” that points to the same IP address, instead displays a normal virtualmin virtualhost website?

Thanks in advance to everyone!

For Virtualmin, there is already an automatic redirect for admin.domainname.tld for every virtual server managed by Virtualmin, but it still redirects to the Webmin port. (Currently admin doesn’t get an SSL cert without some extra hoop jumping, but that’ll be fixed soon. For now it just means you browse to http://admin.domain.tld and it’ll bounce you to https://domain.tld:10000)

You have a coupe of options for putting Webmin on port 443, and I don’t like/recommend either of them.

Before I list them, let me repeat: You probably should not do either of these things. They add complexity for basically no benefit (I mean, what harm is there in having a port on the URL, especially when it’s easy to make a redirect to it?)

  1. Setup Apache or nginx to proxy to localhost:10000 on the name you want it to live on. There are docs for this on the Webmin home page, just scroll down a bit…there are a bunch of options there, some even worse than proxying.
  2. Assuming you have more than one IP, configure Apache to listen on all but one of them. Configure Webmin to listen on the remaining one and change the port to 443. Setup a DNS A record for your preferred name pointing to the Webmin IP.

Neither of these is good. But, you can do them if it really, really, bothers you to have a port on the URL.

Also, “console” generally means a text console or shell. Maybe just say “Webmin”.

“admin panel”, and we’re good :stuck_out_tongue:

I only have one IP, so reverse_proxy would be the way to go, also because I would like to have “server1.mydomain.tdl” pointing to one webmin panel, “server2.mydomain.tld” going to another VPS with another panel, and so on…

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