Connection Timed Out on some outbound servers

OS type and version Ubuntu Linux 22.04.2
Virtualmin version 7.7

My Server was locked by Server Provider(Hetzner) due to some security reason but they have unlocked after we removed suspicious activity. After Unlocking, My Server is unable to create outbound request and shows Connection Timed-out.
When I am try to run Composer update or composer install, it shows

Also, there is error with my Third Party SMTP, that was working fine before locking the server.
Connection could not be established with host “”: stream_socket_client(): Unable to connect to (Connection timed out)

As All of my Outbound Port are active on my server from Server Firewall, but ICMP is blocked. I have used ping and wget for the various outbound request.

Can Anybody help me?

That is the cause of your problem.
(I would ask them to fix it or say goodbye to them - there are plenty of other VM providers who are not so destructive to their customers)
trying to resolve this at a more sub-level may well be pointless (as you have no idea what else they may have done).

spin up a new VM (with a better provider) and start the move.

Thank @Stegan, I would like you to know that they have already unlocked the server and my sub-server are also working fine unless this Connection Timed-out issue arises for some outbound connections like Github.

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