Connection refused !?

Hi. I have a working IS with centos5.3 with Virtualmin installed.
When i login in users e-mail in Usermin with correct username and password (like user.somedomain) the server says:An error occurred listing mail in this folder : Failed to connect to localhost:143 : Connection refused
First thing in my mind was a firewall rejecting tcp port 143, but there is no such rule. Also i can’t make folders, it just says “Error” and nothing more. Can anyone help ?<br><br>Post edited by: dean79, at: 2009/05/01 21:59

Is dovecot running?

Joe wrote:

Is dovecot running?
Yes, i tried to restart, but nothing changes.

If you log in over SSH, and type:

ps auxw | grep dovecot

Does it show up as a running process?

Second, if you try restarting the process (/etc/init.d/dovecot restart), do you see any errors in the mail log – /var/log/maillog ?

I’m having the same problem with a newly installed VirtualMin VM (I used the CentOS 5 + VirtualMin template in CloudMin).

When I checked in webmin for this domian, I found this (under Servers > Dovecot IMAP/POP3 Server):

The Dovecot server program /usr/sbin/dovecot was not found on your system. Maybe it is not installed, or the module configuration is incorrect.

The Dovecot package can be automatically installed by Webmin. Click here to have it downloaded and installed using YUM.

Thus it seems that Webmin / VirtualMin doesn’t actually install Dovecot by default, but when you create an email user & try to use webmin to check mail it actually expects Dovecot to be installed already.

Once installed, I still had todo the following to make it work:

  1. Select the protocols to use: Under “Networking & Protocols” I chose all 4 protocols and saved the form.
  2. Then I started Dovecot & set it to start on boot-up

Shouldn’t this already be done before one actually uses VirtualMin?

Please fix this bug

Hrm, Dovecot should always be installed by default, I’ve never seen that not occur.

You may need to post your /root/virtualmin-install.log so that we can figure out what happened.