Connection lost

OS type and version REQUIRED
Webmin version REQUIRED
Cloudmin version REQUIRED

using Debian 10 on up to date webmin and cloudmin on my contabo vps

when trying to access cloudmin it says
Can’t establish a connection to the server at hostname:10000.

  • Check the server status
  • Check the connection

I did try to do a tutorial to setup kvm and now its messing up?

I want to setup virtualization and setup kali linux to do pentesting, and pentest my own websites and devices, can someone help with this please?


I’m not sure it’s possible and definitely not advisable to be installing a VPS inside a VPS.

It is not a vps inside of a vps, your funny lol. Your joking. if you don’t know by now what I am talking about that is outstanding.
think of what virtualbox is for and tell me again.


Your opening statement says you’ve installed Cloudmin on your VPS… Did I miss something?


here is what they said about kvm with virt-manager to be installed on linux, it does not say anything about needing a dedicated server. and contabo has the setup on vps with proxmox kvm they setup kali on it. but here is the alternative to proxmox it’s virt-manager with kvm and the article to describe what I mean.

Peter has forgotten more than most people know.

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