Connection lost - cannot connect to server

I can no longer connect to my server through Webmin. I get a cannot connect page when trying to go to my webmin login page. this has been happening off and on. Sometimes it gets fixed by stopping and then starting my server through my DigitalOcean account; however, that method is not working. the server IS running because my nightly mailwizz backup runs fine (i get an email indicating the backup was successful). I can login to my root account using putty, but when using my link, I keep getting getting:

Unable to connect
Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at

Login with putty and

sudo service webmin restart

This is a better way to restart Webmin than stopping and then starting the server through your DigitalOcean account.

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I’ve seen these disconnect red boxes although not often. It always happens whenever a certificate gets copied to Webmin. A disruptive cert change is understandable, sort of, as long as the disconnect is brief. But other times there’s no explanation for the disconnect so I chalk it up to a faulty network setup I can’t pinpoint. Usually a lost connection is re-established by logging out and back in.

THANKS VERY MUCH, calport. your command fixed my access issue and I was able to run my system updates

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