Connecting two servers in the mirror


  1. At the moment I have a connected server, everything works with Virtualmin less because a problem persists because it gives me BLANK and I don’t know why, that is, the names of the domains that host them are BLACK, I give a restore to each domain and then it works.


  1. Now I would like to add another identical server with Virtualmin, Is it possible to backup the server on the functional server and then do a restore on a second server? Here I want the two to be in the mirror because it is possible for one to fail and then the information will be taken over by the other. What is the procedure? The idea is to synchronize with each other.
OS type and version REQUIRED
Webmin version REQUIRED

From your comment I am able to understand that the domain / virtual server works normally after you restore it. Is this permanent? Does the domain keep working after the restore or does it stop working after some time and you have to restore the domain again? Please provide screenshots or post a message in your native language and the Webmin community will use translation tools to understand your message.

For #2, you want to mirror / load balance / have high availability. Are the websites that you host static HTML websites or are they dynamic websites which have a database and use PHP? The mirroring solution that the Webmin community recommends will depend on that.

You should let us know the OS and version of Webmin that you use.