Confusion over mail relays

I have been on the google machine all day and have had no luck. If this has been answered several times, I couldn’t find it (or anything complete). Please don’t beat me up over this! I am on day 4 of being a Linux (Ubuntu Server 12.04) user and already feel like I am getting the hang of it!

System: Ubuntu Server 12.04
Virtualmin 4.01.gpl
Mail Server: Postfix version 2.9.6

My ISP blocks port 25 (argh). After several calls, I now know that for outgoing I can use port 465. For incoming, I can use port 995. The SMTP relay is

Where does this information actually go, to allow me to send emails (port 465) from the accounts I create, to outside addresses. Do I need to do anything, anywhere, to tell it that emails will be coming in on port 995?

My domain registrar is where the DNS records for my site are. They work fine. They have a section on there for “MX Records” where the mail server is set to my URL, which they point to my house. Do you think I need to do anything there to say “send it to”, or should the mail get delivered once my server is set up right?

I know this is a lot, but I am really losing it! I have been pretty lucky on the Google, getting pretty much everything else set up, just really scratching my head over email!

The only place that there is anything whatsoever in reference to incoming mail is that port 995 is (already was) forwarded to my server. The MX Records on my registrar are still set to go directly to my server, not through a relay. Mail to the server from multiple email accounts across multiple services all reached my inbox on the server.

I put in “SMTP Authentication And Encryption”:” for “Send outgoing mail via host”
“Yes” for “Use SASL SMTP authentication?”
my email address for “Login as”
my password for “with password”

Any insight you guys have would be oh-so-appreciated! I feel like I have been banging my head against the wall for days now…


Well, the limitations you’re seeing there may be a problem… while it’s possible to send email out via a relay, email always comes in on port 25.

So long as your ISP blocks incoming port 25, your server won’t be able to receive email.

Although port 995 may be forwarded to your server, there’s no real way to indicate to sending mail servers that they need to use that port to get email to your server.

Sorry, I know this sucks, but that may mean it won’t work using this particular ISP :-/


Like Eric said, without open incoming port 25, your ISP is not suitable for home-hosting if you wish to do email server.

I can offer you a vServer on my virtualization host (link follows) and provide some installation help if required. :slight_smile:

I’m actually getting mail incoming. I’ll keep an eye out and keep trying different accounts to send to myself from just to be sure.

The thing that is still confusing me is the outgoing part. I have three test mails sitting in queue, and it looks like it is timing out during the handshake. Do the settings I have for outgoing look right to you guys?


Well, I’m not sure of the settings necessary for your particular ISP… you may be able to see the complete error message in your mail logs though – can you paste in the error(s) you’re seeing?

The mail log would be in either /var/log/mail.log, or /var/log/maillog.