Conflict with TLD/SLD virtual server installation

[color=#000080]My system is CentOS 5.1 with Virtualmin 3.56.gpl, using the installation on a clean system and with no errors. I own two domains, <domain>.com and <domain>.net, which will not install due to naming confusion of the database name and user name.

I’ve tried to install both as top-level virtual servers, and one as a top-level and the other as a sub-server; I’ve optioned to designate naming of the databases when creating the virtual servers, and I’ve edited the Module Configuration to name the /home subdirectory to use the DOM as opposed to the PREFIX.

There has to be a simple solution to this situation; surely I am not alone in registering .com, .net, .org, .biz, etc. with a common SLD.

Any help is greatly appreciated.[/color]

I’ve asked Jamie to chime in on this. It’s a bit bug-like that Virtualmin would make it possible to have conflicts like this (no matter the configuration).

[color=#000080]Hi Joe,

Does this mean that you’ve never run into this issue before? Or does it mean that this is a known bug?

And btw, I apologize for the double-post; I don’t know how that happened.[/color]

Assuming that you just want your .com and .org domains to display the same content (which is usually the case), when you create the .org domain it needs to be an alias of the .com domain.

To do this, select the .com domain from the left menu, click on ‘Create Virtual Server’, then click on ‘Alias of’. Enter as the domain name, click ‘Create Server’ and it should all just work.

Clashes only happen if you want the domains to be separate, with their own content, mailboxes and database … is that the case on your system?

[color=#000080]Jamie, thank you for the reply. And my thanks to Joe, too.

I think I am not going to like the answer here. My .com site is designed to inform, educate, provide links and generate business for my networks design, installation and integration company. And my .net site is intended to be the portal for off-site data storage service in my data-center server(s). Therefore content, access, mail accounts, etc. will not be common to both.

What does Plesk do differently that permits this sort of configuration? I was managing virtual servers for a client at Go-Uknowhwo where I had no such conflict.

Thank you, in advance, for your response.


Hi Kevin,

Virtualmin does support different .com and .net domains like this, although you need to do the following when creating :

1 - Select your first domain (probably the .com one) from the left menu.
2 - Click on ‘Create Virtual Server’, then on ‘Sub-server’
3 - Enter the domain name
4 - Open the ‘Advanced options’ section, and in the ‘Prefix for mail usernames’ and ‘Default database name’ fields enter something like ‘whateverorg’
5 - Click ‘Create Server’

[color=#000080]Thank you Jamie.

Now that you mention it, I did notice that advanced option but did not make the connection that it may be answer to my problem.

I’ll give 'er a go and let you know the outcome.


[color=#000080]Okay Jamie,

All systems are go!!

I did make one additional change in the configuration of the Virtualmin Module as follows:
Virtualmin Virtual Servers Index page —> Click on Module Config —> Scroll down to Include domain name in usernames? —> Select Only to avoid a clash.

By doing this, my .com user name is firstname.lastame, and my .net username is This should simplify things in that the only users, using this naming protocol, who have to include will be the ones with accounts at both sites. I can live with that.

I can tell, even now, that I am going to really like this control panel once I have all things fine tuned to my preferences.

Thanks again Jamie and Joe![/color]