Configuring /etc/php.ini

Maybe I missed it in the many modules, but I don’t see a module for configuring PHP.

Specifically, setting things like memory limit, upload file size, post file size, etc.

Of course, it is easy enough to edit the /etc/php.ini file directly, but if Virtualmin is targeted toward web hosts, you might want to beef up configuring PHP (as many sites are PHP based these days).


I think this is a good idea. However I beleve it should be in the webmin side as it will effect all the virtual servers.

Just my thoughts.

I’d actualy like to see options to configure php on a per-vhost basis, and i think most ooptions can be changed with the ‘php_flag’ and ‘php_value’ directives.

After some looking found this:

Runtime Configuration

The behaviour of the Apache PHP module is affected by settings in php.ini. Configuration settings from php.ini may be overridden by php_flag settings in the server configuration file or local .htaccess files.


This would allow a per server settings I think.

If a configuration page were to be included it should show the value sets in the php.ini file and any values set in the vhost conf file side by side. If no values are set in the vhost conf a blank space to enter the values that need to be changed.

My take :slight_smile:

The values can currently be set in the webmin, servers, apache webserver, edit config files, select the vhost from the drop down memu, select edit directives in file. This will bring up the vhost.conf file you can then enter the php flags.