Configuring email for third party clients

Operating system:
Ubuntu 20
OS version:
I created a new email address info@mydomain .com and I want to configure it on my mobile and pc clients like gmail app and Thunderbird, Geary etc.
I followed the common method by putting mail.mydomain .com for incoming and sending and username as info@mydomain .com. I am unable to connect on any client. tried both secure and non secure connection methods.
Latest virtualmin.

Using mail.domain.tld does not seem to work for you; try hostname.tld for incoming server and outdoing server in the email clients that you use.

What do the server logs say when the connection fails, we need appropriate snippets from logs to be able to diagnose your issue.

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Hi. Thanks. hostname address works. But its strange that in email(user) creation, email clients settings showing me to add for incoming and outgoing servers.
How can I change hostname to mail.mydomain.tld ?

Btw, thanks for the quick help. :slight_smile:

You almost certainly should not do that.

but I dont want my clients to know which server im using.

Joe is right. Do not change hostname to mail.domain.tld. Virtualmin on Ubuntu 20 can be configured to let each of your clients use mail.clientdomain.tld for their respective domains. See the docs for more.

That’s exactly what I want but its not working. I am setting up for my client and as you said mail.clientdomain.tld can be used by clients for their respective domains. but its not working.
I am setting incoming/outgoing server as mail.clientdomain.tld for my client but its not working. But my main server url is working to configure third party client.

Did you figure it out?.

No. not yet. Still same problem.

Which client are you using?

Client? Do you mean Ubuntu ?

I’m sorry I don’t know anything Ubuntu… I thought U was an OS… If so, you’d still need a mail client…No?.. What’s the name of the program you’re trying to install mail?.

Do you have a DNS record set up for to point at your server?

On my iphone and pc clients… geary, thunderbird…

Yes I set up already…

Hmm. What error are you getting when trying to connect?

Also, does it work if you use your client’s domain without “mail.”? ie. the same domain used for viewing the client’s website?

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