Configuring Docker with Virtualmin

I have installed Docker and after updating my kernel it seems to be running fine. I would really appreciate some help in setting it up to work alongside my other sites.

I have created a Virtualmin virtual server for my domain, and a new directory at /home/mysite/apps/discourse and cloned the discourse docker image into it.

I am currently editing the config file, but what do I put for the ports? Obviously I do not want all of my other virtualmin sites to stop working - any ideas?


``` - "80:80"   # fwd host port 80   to container port 80 (http)```

``` - "2222:22" # fwd host port 2222 to container port 22 (ssh)```

The Discourse install guide can be found here:

Thanks in advance.

It seems I need to set up a reverse proxy:

Docker isolates Discourse from everything else that is currently installed on your server, including databases and webservers. However, since the webserver currently running on your server will be listening on the HTTP and HTTPS ports, you will have to configure that server to reverse-proxy requests for your Discourse site to the other webserver running inside the Docker container.

Any ideas on how to set this all up with Virtualmin?