Configure Website problems

I just installed webmin and virtual first time on ubuntu 10.4

Everything is brilliant - i added tens of domains using virutialmin add virtual server.

Now though - when i click “configure webiste” under services it shows me another domains settings. Its not random but it has no particular order either.
IN my screen shot i selected the 3rd from the top- Using preview works OK- and any other links are all OK - but trying to change settings shows the incorrect domain.

If I delete it and recreate it works ok-- but then another one that previously was OK shows another domain setting.

The server is is using LAMP, APACHE2 and PHP5 with phpmyadmin. I had a bit of a problem in the middle where something went wrong with my apache and I purged it with phpmyadmin and installed it again, refreshed the webmin modules and configured them again, OK. then installed Virtuamin ontop and it does not show any configuration issues.

virtualmin 3.8.8.gpl

Do you have a domain now where that still occurs?

That is, is the issue you see reproducible?

We haven’t had any reports from folks with that problem, but if what you’re seeing there is reproducible (ie, any time you go into “Configure Website” for that domain, the problem occurs), we may need to get Jamie to dig a bit deeper into that, that sounds like a bug of some sort.


Yes I still have it doing that. What do you need from me?

It seems i am running the unsupported version of ubuntu 10.4 not LTS… so blame it on that if you want… its not critical for me.

Well, using Ubuntu 10.04 implies “LTS”.

Also, while there can be incompatibility issues when using a non-standard distro or version – they tend to manifest themselves in different ways than that :slight_smile:

Would it be possible for someone on the Virtualmin staff to log in and take a look?

Here’s what I’d recommend to get that figured out –

  1. File a bug report about this issue, using the Support link above

  2. If someone from the staff could log into Virtualmin as the Master Admin (ie, root or equivalent), that’d be helpful!

  3. Then, we’d just need to know which domain it is you’re experiencing that behavior with.



Sorry i meant to write ubunto 11.04. I filled a bug report.

Sorry i meant to write ubunto 11.04. I filled a bug report.

Sorry i meant to write ubunto 11.04. I filled a bug report.