configure Vendor DNS in Webmin and Virtualmin insted of Developing your own

Hello Team,

I am a new bee to virtualmin and I am very much interested in learning more. Earlier I was using shared hosting and not have much knowledge in configuring server.

a short story of my requirement: I have very less knowledge about configuring DNS. I got a VPS with single IP address in interserver (OpenVZ). my VPS provider provides DNS servers and I want to utilize them. (Primary, Secondary & Tertiary) instead of setting up my own DNS in my VPS.

I have domain registered in Godady and along with domain I can see the Godaddy nameservers.

Now my question is: 1) I have nameservers in both my VPS provider and from godaddy, if want to utilize any one of these nameserver. what is the process or is it allowed/possible to do so?? 2) if it is allowed then what all the changes I have to to do in webmin and virtualmin.

Many Thanks in advance

Of course it’s possible. You just need to manage the DNS records yourself. That’s got nothing to do with Virtualmin; if Virtualmin isn’t managing the records on a local or remote Webmin/Cloudmin Services system, it has no control over them.

If you don’t want to use any resources running the DNS server on your Virtualmin system, you can disable all DNS features, and turn off BIND and set it to not start on boot in the System Bootup and Shutdown module. If you disable DNS features, you’ll also lose website preview features (as the rely on local resolution working).

So, to use other DNS servers…just use them. Virtualmin can’t stop you from hosting DNS elsewhere. How you configure it is up to your DNS provider, and we’re not gonna be able to provide useful guidance (but I’m sure your DNS provider has documentation and a GUI for managing your records).

Thank you…

just curious to learn more and understand it better. I have few more questions.

I have a requirement of setting up email accounts auto email from cron jobs also I would like to have mobile apps connected to database, how this DNS will play its role in it.

Also I would like to know why I cannot use Interserver DNS. (point domain name to interserver DNS and use them)…

I would like to know advantages and disadvantages (or difficulties)

Firstly i am a newbie at this myself…below is how i setup my own custom nameservers. Joe will correct me if i have made errors below.

@pratama02 writes… Also I would like to know why I cannot use Interserver DNS. (point domain name to interserver DNS and use them)

No that is wrong.

That is exactly what you do to get them working in the way you describe.

It would be a 2 part process, however, as using the model that was described to you by Joe in reply to your original question, everything is done from outside (all changes are made from your registrar and internode dns).

That is:

  1. first, from your registrar, point your domain at your custom nameservers with interserver (if new servers that are subdomains of your domain add A records and glue records to get it working with your domain i think, otherwise just custom nameserver records)

  2. then you would need to link your nameservers at internode with the ip address of your webmin webhosting server. (add the dns record on internodes primary nameserver…it should automatically propogate to the secondaries are a few hours)