Configure SSL for virtualmin dashboard


Virtualmin install - (Needs a SSL certificate)
1st website - (Has SSL configured and working from lets encrypt)

Hi all, I would just like to ask how would you go about setting up SSL for the root virtualmin install? As per the picture I mean when I access my virtualmin and webmin dahsboard I see a not secure message. Is there any way to configure it to use a SSL certificate from lets encrypt? I can and have successfully setup a website which uses SSL which uses a different domain to my virtualmin install as seen at the top of the post. I have also set the SSL certificate to be used for all default services but would like an ssl certificate to be installed for the root virtualmin install as well.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

it is secured. you are in via ssl… solved.

Create a domain in Virtualmin, enable SSL, get a certificate (via Let’s Encrypt or otherwise). Use that name to connect to Webmin. Webmin will use your cert from that domain.

Thank you for your reply however I was told that is not correct to do as it can cause issues? I was told to have a seperate domain for a website and a seperate domain for virtualmin and not to merge the two. Is that ok?

Thanks Sam

I understand its already secure but I would liket to have a SSL certificate for it as well.

Thanks Sam

Who told you that?

It’s fine. You can connect to Virtualmin on any domain name you want. It listens on every IP on the system, by default. Names don’t matter.

The hostname of the system should not be a name you are hosting with Virtualmin. That’s pretty danged important, but it’s irrelevant to how you connect to Virtualmin.

setting up SSL for the root virtualmin install?

Generate a certificate for main domain, new/existing. Tick for it to be the default certificate for webmin/Virtualmin, postfix, proftp, etc. Your Virtualmin 10000 will then use this certificate.

There is even no reason to hit that button. If certificate for a domain is requested using Virtualmin, it will add those records automatically to miniserv.conf for Webmin to use it.


Sometimes users when creating additional domains, accidentally click for the certificate of 2nd or 3rd domain etc to be default SSL service. It is a good idea that ‘main’ domain is using the correct certificate, and setup as it should if it complains about default certificate.

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