configure PHP to support LFS


we are using web based upload system which supports upload size of 10 GB, however PHP
is not configured to support more than 2 GB, I found following information regarding this issue:

if you want PHP to support LFS (large files) on Linux, then you need to have a recent glibc and you need compile PHP with the following compiler flags: -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64

But is there someone who configured this before in Virtualmin ? in case “yes” how ?
Just looking for the easiest way enable it in php…

thank you

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That’s not a particularly simple task, unfortunately.

They’re asking you to recompile PHP… so you’d need to obtain the PHP source, and recompile it, but using the above compiler options you mentioned instead of the defaults.

If at all possible, I’d suggest working with the .rpm or .deb from your distribution, and modifying that particular package to use your desired options. That would simplify maintenance, and make sure you’re otherwise using a PHP version that’s been testing on your distribution.


Hello Eric,

thank you for reply, I understand what you mean…
I think that I will use .rpm instead and see how it works…

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