ConfigServer Services

any one heard of this and/or using it?
It seems to help against ddos as well…

I just installed it on a testserver. It has a webmin module.

I think Scott has mentioned this in the past, and maybe added some stuff to the wiki about it.

I generally prefer to directly use iptables, since I never understand all the wacky stuff most firewall scripts do, and when I do take the time to figure it out, I usually find that it’s nonsensical and just a distraction…loads and loads of rules that never do anything, making it harder to see the rules and activity that does matter. There also seems to be a tendency to do stupid non-standard stuff…just wrapping it all up in a shell script, rather than writing and reading the iptables standard save file. I don’t know if this particular script does it the stupid way or not. Just ranting because a lot of firewall scripts do it the stupid way and it really ticks me off. :wink:

It looks like it also includes some other scripts for things like watching logs and such. Those might be more useful. It’s hard to tell exactly what it does.

I will say that there’s an awful lot of snake oil in the network security industry, and I’m suspicious of all of it, because I’ve seen so much snake oil and so little sanity. Maybe CSF is not snake oil. I don’t know. :wink:

I love this firewall. I have it on my server. It does much more than just block ports. At first you may get a flood of emails from it but you can use the Processes Ignore on LFD and just enter the users or executables there and it won’t monitor them anymore.

Wasn’t me that mentioned this. In fact never heard of it before.

I use denyhosts, shorewall and a few scripts from

Ah, sorry. I misremembered. It’s hard to keep up with all the various security scripts with three letter names. :slight_smile: