Complex world vmware, pfSense, DDNS, Virtualmin

Hi! I’m going to just jump in here and hopefully someone can point me in the correct direction. Here is the question first. I have 2 virtual servers, but only one works from the internet. The second one shows the “hello world” from the first.

This is the configuration:

Centurylink gig fiber - without a static IP address
vmware ESXi version 6.7


pfSense 2.4.5-RELEASE-p1
Debian version 10 (Buster) with Virtualmin 6.12 all packages are up to date

Virtualmin is in the DMZ and all traffic is routed using pfSense. I am doing NAT forwarding on ports 80 and 443.
I have Dynamic DNS working on pfSense and have forced the external Virtualmin IP address to match the current IP assigned by my ISP.

I have setup 2 virtual servers and Each server is setup with its own “hello world” index.html. When I click on the preview button the pages display as expected. The servers are configured with the correct IP on my registrar. (NameCheap)

I had all of this working, but I’ve moved and thought it a good idea to rebuild the whole thing from scratch using the current versions of all the software

And now the question/problem stated another way:
Coming in from the internet works as expected, But, does not and shows the “hello world” from Where is the best place to look for the problem?


The problem has been resolved. It was an id10t error. I had misconfigured the second server as server-2 without the .com ending. I won’t say how long I spent looking at everything under the sun . . . Why is it I can read the same thing a 100 times and just fill in the blanks without seeing the obvious problem?

So now I’ll just add this id10t award :trophy: to my ever growing pile and move on with the project.


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I find I still commit a lot of PEBKAC errors, so don’t feel bad.


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