Complete Virtualmin Installation

I would like to have someone setup my server with Virtualmin, completely including email, DNS, etc. I can give you remote access to the server At this point all I have loaded is Ubuntu Headless server.

Dell Poweredge C1100
Dual Xeon Processors (16 cores)
4 2TB HDD’s (currently set up as 1 boot and the other 3 are scsi array) but can change if needed
24GB RAM (More coming at a later date)

Network Setup
Hardware above
2nd C1100 with Ubuntu, Virtualbox, phpvirtualbox, for remote desktops, currently accessing directly to each VM IP address for full MS RDP support. Virtualbox does not support d&d or printer remote support.

Internet Connection:
2000 mbps down / 20 up Comcast business
Dynamic IP address now but requesting static
Domain owned through - godaddy

I will be using this server for friends and family to host their own websites and email. I have tried a few times to set up virtualmin but am getting confused on the DNS settings and other things. Would like to have someone set it all up so I can just start adding users and allow them to setup web and email.

Payment can be Paypal, space on the server, or ?.

Let me know how much and when you can start/complete.


I read through what you want done and it doesn’t look to hard to do. Do you have a block of IP’s already ?

The other question is why do you want Virtualbox installed instead of Xen ?

The cost would be between $100 - $175 via paypal. The cost I give is just a estimate.

I only need the one server setup with Virtualmin, I already have the virtualbox server set up and working. Mainly just listed it so anyone could see I need to keep it the same.

I use Vbox cause thats what I was familiar with, if Xen allows for full MS RDP then I may switch but I can look into that. If you are still interested in setting up the server let me know when you could do it. I dont have the static IP’s yet, can it be set up without then switch when I get them?

Yes you can wait for the IP’s. I can start tonight my time (PST)

Hmm I need to get some things done, can you do it later like on saturday or tomorrow however I realize its a holiday

you can contact me at robert (at) myscreenname dot com

Ya tomorrow is not a good day for me. I can do it Saturday or Sunday.

I’ll email you instead of here.

I tried to email you but it’s bouncing.

I can work on this today if you are around.


Host not found: 2(SERVFAIL)

No DNS for

the email is not actually “atmyscreenname” its my screen name… KR2inc dot com

I had to use the server for some testing so its not a fresh install at at the moment, let me format and reinstall so its fresh.

Ok – you can email me at sgrayban[at]gmail[.]com

Shoot me a email when you are ready.

This job request has been completed