Complaint / Suggestion / Fix - Port 25 not open Postfix but works locally

I find it a little ridiculous that webmin / virtualmin does not actually do the following:

  1. Make Postfix start on boot (manual job)
  2. Make Postfix listen on all interfaces

Point 2 wasted a fair bit of time - you can telnet to localhost 25 on the server, but you cannot telnet to it frmo a remote server - I.e. cannot send email to it.

Solution was to edit /etc/postfix/ and change to:

inet_interfaces = all
systemctl restart postfix

Email now gets received.

Mods etc / please make this default behavior… not sure if a webmin thing or virtualmin thing, either way it’s a bit wtf!

Side note: I installed virtualmin on fresh Centos8 (and it seemed to install webmin for me).

Thanks for building the product.